Will People Think My Blog Is Boring? Learn how to copywrite!


Over the past 2 posts we’ve discussed why you need a blog as a pastor and what platform you need to use to blog. Today we’ll get prepared for the next step of launching your blog. Not being boring!

Boring Headline: Here is my blog. I hope you enjoy my sermon on Jonah.

Optimized Headline: Ignore God, Get Swallowed by a Whale! Seriously!

Which one would you click on?

That’s what I thought. There is a dramatic difference in the way both of those headlines come across. By now maybe you have figured out on your own how to install WordPress.org after our previous posts. If you have I recommend you stop blogging immediately and take note of this lesson. If not, then you get a cookie…you followed instructions!

Seriously though, I hope this information will be more satisfying than a cookie. When Jesus taught. We know he often taught in parables. Why? Well it seems that parables was the way Jesus could connect his message to the people and society of the day. If we are called in minister and be like Jesus, don’t we need to find ways to connect the message to people today? This comes through learning to write persuasive copy.

While I could try to teach you the art of copywriting. I am still learning. However, you are in for a treat from what is considered by many to be one of the world’s experts at copywriting. Brian Clark from Copyblogger.com. Brian has created a very successful blog and business teaching people from all walks of life how to write persuasive content and market that content. Seriously, his blog is a killer resource which has the potential to launch your blog into the stratosphere when you are ready to launch.

Before you launch your blog. I want you to first visit his site below at the bottom of this post and go through his free tutorials (they are at the bottom of his homepage). Read through those intently then start writing your content before you build your blog.

Very soon we’ll have bloggingforpastors.com up and running so you can get you blog running quickly and easily. There will be a free video tutorial that will only take 5-10 minutes and other resources. Did I mention that is absolutely free? We’ll also offer a premium service to set your blog up for you if you aren’t the DIY type. If you want to know when we launch, please fill out the quick form below the post to signup for our email newsletter. I don’t spam or sell your information and you can unsubscribe at any time. Learn copywriting and in no time you’ll be enjoying working in your new online ministry.

So folks without further delay, Brian Clark’s Copyblogger.com. http://www.copyblogger.com/